Rise of Metro Detroit!

Dashing Dynamic Detroit in 2015!


In recent times, Metro Detroit has seen a growth in population, with the economic situation improving by leaps. The general business outlook has seen a trend towards positive growth. Many companies have actually started to move their headquarters from cities like New York and San Francisco to Detroit, contributing to the growth of the state of Michigan.

Surge in Suburbs

Suburbs like Southfield and Novi have seen an increase in new businesses opening and people have started to move into these places in good numbers. This has actually triggered an increase in real estate prices with even single and double bedroom apartments going for $1200 or more. Median house prices have increased 50% from the low of 2010 , and in just a short five years the outlook has gone from gloomy to glorious!
Motor vehicle production, engineering services and temporary staffing are powering the recent up-growth in Mo town. Crains Detroit weekly published an article showing a Detroit coffee shop and 10 other community organizations and establishments getting help this week from Farmington Hills-based Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and its volunteers.

Cities like Ann Arbor where Google has moved into and Grand Rapids where Amway Global is headquartered showcase a Michigan where the industrial giants are not afraid to venture into and call home.

Even smaller companies like garage door repair companies or a roofing contractor company have seen the general uptick in business a positive sign. Banks are lending more easily now, and that helps the cash flow of small and medium sized business flowing which is a very important factor for small businesses.

Now that it looks like the worst is past for Metro Detroit, the only place it has to go is up. With the recession behind , and the former corrupt mayor who bankrupted the city behind bars, businesses are booming.
Grand Rapids which is the biggest city in Michigan and Ann Arbor which is the 2nd largest city in Michigan have seen a 25% increase in population and in new businesses just in the last 18 months.



Cities like Warren and Flint and even smaller cities like Northville and Livonia have seen developments like new hotels and high rise apartments come up in the last couple of years.

Many companies, be it a spray foam company or a mom and pop grocery store have seen the economic climate conducive to growth. This results in people spending more, which in turns helps businesses to expand which increases profits, which results in an increase in salaries to employees which then prompts them to spend more. This positive cycle is so crucial to the well being and functioning of a local economy.

Guide to the Michigan’s Best

Reasons Why You Should Tour Detroit City

Detroit is the largest city on the American Canada border and the city with the highest population in Michigan County. The city was founded in the early 16th century and has a great history and remarkable contribution to the industrialization of United States of America. Detroit is home to people from various ethnic backgrounds. Its influence on industrialization of U.S. began with the motor industry. The city was known as the world’s motor capital. Its motor industry was due to Henry ford who built the first car in Detroit in 1896. Detroit city has diverse culture due to its racial diversity.

There are a lot of wonderful tourist attraction sites in Detroit ranging from historic buildings, museums, skyscrapers plus much more. The Detroit city has beautiful view of the huge skyscrapers complexes along the Detroit River. The skyscrapers are dominated with renaissance center with 73-story Marriott Hotel, shops, restaurants, conference centers and theaters.  Museums in Detroit include the Henry Ford museum and Greenfield village, African American Museum, Detroit Historic Museum and the Motown Museum which is known for its history in Motown music. The Detroit ruins are beautiful tourist attraction site.

As a result of the high ethnic diversity in Detroit, the city has diverse types of food from various parts of the world. There is a unique hybrid of the New York and Chicago pizza styles, hotdog, just name it and you will find your delicacy. The restaurants are therefore full of various food types. Restaurants are well distributed within the streets of the city.

Detroit city is rich in musical heritage and have music events such as the Detroit International Jazz Festivals, the conference on Motor City Music, Detroit Electronic Music Festivals, the Urban Organic Conference on Music and the Summer Jazz festival on hip-hop. Live music is dominant in the Detroit’s night life. There are three downtown casino resort hotels and the Greektown and they are important entertainment centers. Greektown has several casinos, bars and restaurants with red wings and lion games. The Greektown is home to many immigrants of the 20th century.

The auto industry is the Detroit’s major economic and cultural identity. The city rose due to the motor industry whose foundation was laid by Henry Ford. Advancement in technology has kept this great city going. This advancement have led to the development of various infrastructure in the such as transport; it is connected by the major highways and roads, ports, railway lines and international airports. The electric train makes transport within the town effective and faster.

Detroit is the destination to many tourists due to the lots of historic attractions, the lifestyle and culture; the geographical features such the Detroit River, the giant skyscrapers plus much more.

There are a lot of things to do in Detroit and its suburbs if you know the right place to look around. A good site would be the official site for the city. Suburbs like Gross Pointe, Novi, Bloomfield Hills and Troy are seeing a rise in population, thanks to thriving businesses and are leading to a higher quality of life.